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Enceladus Flyby - Mar. 12, 2008

Enceladus Flyby - Mar. 12, 2008

Mar. 12, 2008

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Cassini imaging scientists used views like this one to help them identify the source locations for individual jets spurting ice particles, water vapor and trace organic compounds from the surface of Saturn's moon Enceladus.
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Cassini Gets Close-Up Views of Enceladus

NASA's Cassini spacecraft tasted and sampled a surprising organic brew erupting in geyser-like fashion from Saturn's moon Enceladus during a close flyby on March 12. Scientists are amazed that this tiny moon is so active, "hot" and brimming with water vapor and organic chemicals.

Enceladus at a Glance

Enceladus Flyby
Mar. 12, 2008 (SCET)


52 km (32.3 miles)

14.4 km/sec (32,234 mph)

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