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Titan Flyby - June 13, 2007

Titan Flyby - June 13, 2007

Jun. 13, 2007

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On May 15, 2007 the Cassini spacecraft caught a glimpse of features that reveal important clues about processes occurring in Titan's atmosphere.
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Cassini Sees the Sun Set and Rise on Titan

Cassini completed a successful flyby of Titan on June 13, 2007. Scientists took advantage of a rare geometry to take detailed measurements of the atmosphere by imaging the sun as it passes behind Titan and its thick, banded atmosphere.

With its onboard Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph, scientists probed the highest part of Titan's atmosphere.

Titan at a Glance
Titan Flyby
June 13, 2007 (SCET)


975 km (606 miles)

6.2 km/sec (13,870 mph)

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