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Enceladus Flyby - Nov. 6, 2011

Enceladus Flyby - Nov. 6, 2011

Nov. 06, 2011

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Enceladus Flyby E-15 (Raw Image #2)
  This raw, unprocessed image of Saturn's moon Enceladus was taken on Oct. 19, 2011.
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Enceladus 'E-16' Flyby: Radar Looks at Enceladus

The primary goal of this flyby was to obtain the first detailed radar observation of Enceladus. This was the first close radar pass of an icy moon besides Titan; the results will enable a comparison of the radar properties of a moon with a known composition (Enceladus) with that of Titan. The segment also included plume observations, the composite infrared spectrometer (CIRS) monitoring of hotspot activity, ultraviolet imaging spectrograph (UVIS) observations of Dione and its environment, and searches for Lagrangian companions of Enceladus and Rhea.

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Enceladus Flyby at a Glance
Nov. 6, 2011 (SCET)

308 miles (496 kilometers)

17,000 mph
7.4 km/sec)


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