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Enceladus Flyby - October 09, 2008

Enceladus Flyby - October 09, 2008

Oct. 09, 2008

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This sweeping mosaic of Saturn's moon Enceladus provides broad regional context for the ultra-sharp, close-up views NASA's Cassini spacecraft acquired minutes earlier, during its flyby on Aug. 11, 2008.
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Cassini's Deep Plume Run

During Cassini's Oct. 9 flyby, the spacecraft's fields and particles instruments will venture deeper into the plume than ever before, directly sampling the particles and gases. The emphasis here is on the composition of the plume rather than imaging the surface.

Enceladus at a Glance
Enceladus Flyby
October 09, 2008 (SCET)


25 km (15.5 miles)

17.7 km/sec (39,600 mph)

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